Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Made It

I've had a busy day. Just got back from my nephew's water polo games. He won both of them. Woot!
I figured I needed to be a little bit productive before I sit down tonight to watch The Bachelorette. So I spiffed up my education related Pinterest boards. I created board covers for them. I'm so pleased with how they look. Now, I didn't create covers for every board. I left my personal ones as is. Should I be consistent and do them all? Give me your thoughts?

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Also the Christmas in July sale some sellers are having on TPT lasts through tomorrow. Go take a peek.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Five for Friday

I've been a busy reader on my summer break. Here are my most recent reads. I really enjoyed Whistling Past the Graveyard. What have you been reading?  I need more ideas.

I've been enjoying my time with Harley too this summer. Just as the school year was ending he had to have his 2nd surgery this year. He's quickly becoming one pricey dog! He had a huge mass/swelling under his neck area that seemed to appear overnight. Surgery was done to get to the bottom of the issue. The vet thought it might be his salivary gland or cancer. After a biopsy, it showed that it wasn't cancer and just a huge infection of the salivary area. Now a side effect of Harley's surgery is one side of his lip hangs low and he can't control his drooling, so as a good mama I'm wiping his mouth several times a day. I wouldn't trade it for any other option though.  I even got this decorative pillow at Kohl's that has the cutest quote:  All you need is love and a dog.

I'm joining in with many other sellers to have a TPT Christmas in July sale.  You can certainly grab some great deals.  I've put my most popular bundles on sale with even greater discounts than the typical TPT sitewide sales. Shop on July 13th and 14th and search on TPT using the phrases:
ChristmasinJuly or #ChristmasinJuly (no spaces).

Any goose down pillow lovers out there? I've had them since a child and never considered anything else, but my current ones were getting a bit raggedy. I made the switch to a latex pillow my mom suggested and I'm pretty happy with it.

No soda for me since school ended and to be honest I haven't really missed it. I've been drinking lots of water and iced tea with no added sugar. For my water I've used a diffuser and have flavored the water with sliced lemons and grapefruit.  What other combinations would be good? Let me know.

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It's Christmas in July with a TPT sale

Hope summer is treating everyone well! I've been avoiding anything school related, but you won't want to miss out on some cool summer deals at the Christmas in July TPT sale. A group of sellers have come together on July 13th and 14th to entice you to begin thinking about the new school year.
Participating sellers have greatly reduced the pricing of 4 featured products of their choice. You can take a sneak peek at what will be on sale by going to TPT and searching either the following phrases (with no spaces between the words).


Here is what I'll be offering. Be sure to wishlist them now and return to purchase them on the sale days.

Mega Task Card Bundle- 40 Reading and Language sets -Original cost would be $120 if bought individually, but for the sale it will be offered at $78.

Click on pictures to view product descriptions

Swat It Grammar Bundle- 7 fun games- Original price if bought individually would be $21, but for the sale it will be offered at $13.65.


To the Point Grammar Bundle- 6 games original cost $24, but on the sale will be offered at $15.60.

Bottle Cap Math- Original cost $8, but on the sale will be offered at $5.20.

Flash freebies of regular priced items will be offered by various sellers so be on the look out for them in the mix too!  You can see all the sellers who have linked up to this sale at Yara's Sea of Knowledge blog.

Happy shopping!

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