Saturday, April 18, 2015

Adverb Action!

I like to introduce a lot of grammar concepts through literature tie ins.
The author, Rick Walton, has a whole series of language adventure books that are perfect for this.

For adverbs I use his book titled Suddenly Alligator which is a zany story about the adventures a boy encounters as he heads to town to replace his smelly socks.

I created this worksheet to use in conjunction with the book.
Students are to find the correct adverb to match the clues from the text.


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Last Day of Spring Break

I've been very busy spring cleaning my yard over my week long break.  I got several trees cut down (3 eucalyptus and a palm tree). I also trimmed four trees and got an overhaul on overgrown hedges and birds of paradise. Did I mention I have a half acre lot? It's no wonder I got a nice suntan while tackling my yard maintenance.

Tree trimming in action

 Eucalyptus tree being cut down

 Palm planter prior to being cut down

Then with the help of my parents I planted a Japanese Maple tree.

I'm not all done with everything I wanted to tackle in the yard, but the biggest areas of need are DONE. There's something so nice about seeing progress.

The joys of home ownership weren't limited to yard maintenance costs. I also had my water heater leak and needed to buy and install a new one to the tune of over $1,000.

What are your plans for spring break if you've not already had it?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers Deserve a SALE

My 2nd trimester just ended, report cards are wrapped up, and I completed a successful teacher evaluation lesson last week. I'm in the beginning stretch of the 3rd and last trimester to this school year. I'm ready for TPT's Teachers are Heroes sale which begins on Wednesday, February, 25th.  My whole store will be marked off 20% and if you use the code HEROES at checkout an additional 8% off will be taken off your total.

Do you have your eye on a product that will help you reach your countdown to Spring Break?
What about money saving bundles? All my already marked down bundles will be on sale for the additional 20%.

You can't pass up my MEGA Reading and Language Task Card Bundle: 40 sets for $76! That equals about just 52 cents a set! If you purchased each task card set individually it would cost $120.

Other bundles you might like are my grammar and language Swat It Games

Or you might like my To the Point Grammar Bundle.

Now go shop like the hero that you are! You DESERVE it.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Lessons

Here's what my class did to celebrate Valentine's Day!

We read about Lincoln and learned that he used his top hat to store important papers. So our Valentine holders were Lincoln themed hats.

Candy hearts were used to have a stacking challenge and interpret data by making bar and pictographs.

 What kind of Valentine classroom fun did you have?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February Pinterest Picks

I'm joining Inspired Owl's and Pawsitively Teachings Pinterest Linky

Get your candy on and practice area and perimeter with Candy Hearts!

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Fun friendship poetry is my next pick.

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It's a heart shaped flamingo!

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Take a peek at all my Pinterest finds and Happy Pinning!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesdays Wonders

I'm a new Ipad owner.
 Questions ? What is your most useful I pad tip? Do you have favorite apps?

Share your wisdom by leaving me a comment.

Join in the Wordless Wednesday Linky or Hump Day Highlight Linky.

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Five for Friday

I've never been a big breakfast eater, but I'm trying to eat a little something to start my day. I add these yummy Cinnamon Oat Clusters to my greek yogurt.

I got a nice card from my principal this week, as I'm off work still recuperating from surgery.

For spelling homework or word work in class I have a collection of worksheets students complete.
I wanted to add a new variety so I made up a few new ones: place value spelling, secret code, and coin value spelling. 

As you can see my computer partner is Harley. As I work on my TPT products or browse Pinterest he finds a spot under the table. Too bad I can't teach him to edit my work.

I've always, always worn contacts, but when I'm at home I've finally resorted to wearing a pair of glasses when needed. I have not ventured into wearing them when I'm at work though. Some people look great in glasses, but I'm still not used to them on myself.

Share your Five for Friday over at Doodle Bugs Linky.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Penmanship Tricks of the Trade

It's a new year which gives students time to focus on their goals and areas for growth. Some students really struggle with penmanship. Here's a tip that might help.

Tape a quality writing sample on a student's desktop so it's always in view at right at their fingertips!
In the sample above the student showed appropriate spacing and formation of letters which serves as a wonderful daily reinforcement for this student that success can be achieved.

What are your handy penmanship tips?

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

January Pinterest Picks

I'm joining Inspired Owl's and Pawsitively Teachings Pinterest Linky

This fun winter snow globe project is great for January

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Snowflakes,  symmetrical snowflakes! are my next pick.
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It's a snowflake snowman. A"door"able!

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Take a peek at all my Pinterest finds and Happy Pinning!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Favorite Things

I shared that my one little word focus is RELAX so my favorite things are related to that.

 My water fountain helps me relax when I'm  grading papers, lesson planning, or working on my TPT store products.  The constant sound of running water is soothing.

I CANNOT live without my sleep mask. I sleep with it on nightly and it helps me get to sleep quicker and block out light. Even the teeniest of light from my alarm clock or TV can interrupt my sleep. But this mask does the trick. When I go on vacation or on airplanes this is a must have.

I try to take a few minutes several times a week to used guided relaxation from This site has wonderful, quieting nature sounds and music to relax to.

What are some of your favorite things? Go link up over at Teaching Trio.

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