Sunday, July 7, 2013

Backyard Delights

I get to enjoy my yard, work and all, during the summer.
My backyard is a 1/2 acre. Over spring break I cut down some palms that were breaking my planters.
I replaced them with a Crape Myrtle tree which is now blooming.
Look at those pretty watermelon blooms.
I'm still battling the asparagus fern sprouts that keep popping up which I also removed from the planter. I'm avoiding the need to clean up the dead blooms of my Bird of Paradise. I'll wait to do that on a cooler day.

Wild rabbits love my backyard too.
I came back from walking Harley yesterday and saw these two eating steps away from my patio.
Harley isn't fast enough to catch the grown ones, but last summer he did corner and kill a few babies :(
And yuck, Harley loves to eat the rabbit poop all over the lawn when I don't watch him.

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