Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coffee Table Comforts Linky

Come share your coffee table comforts in a fun linky party.  I'll start.  My coffee table comfort is all about hearts.  I have the cutest little book called Heart Stones which started my stone patrol. At first I simply had the book on my table to inspire me. The author took photos of heart stones she found and  labeled them in this book with a feeling or emotion like "intrigue" or "strength". Eventually, I started my own collection. Now, whenever I go to a beach anywhere on vacation or locally I hope to find one to bring home. My hearty little coffee table collection continues to grow and warm my heart. What are the delights of your coffee table? If you don't have a coffee table, you can still share any cozy comfort of your  home!


  1. I will link up! I have to take a pic!

  2. Mrs. Coe
    Looking forward to you sharing.


  3. Sorry...no coffee table =( But I do love Kramer's coffee table book that was a coffee table...if that counts?lol
    First Grade Blue SKiES


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