Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Wish I May...I Wish I Might

As teachers we have so many high hope wishes for helping our students, but we don't have the high dollar money to go along with those wishes. Many of you are familiar with Donor's Choose, but have you heard of the National Teacher Registry?  You can set up a wish list account for willing families to buy from.
Do you like Lakeshore or Amazon? Yep, they have wish lists too.  Better yet...Amazon has a feature called the "Universal Wish List".  I added this hot little item to my computer toolbar, and whenever I see anything that tickles my fancy on any site online, I simply hit my Amazon button and it is added to my registry.

If you'd like to peek at all my wish lists to see how I've set them up check my Wish List page on my website.

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