Friday, August 10, 2012

A Sizzling Hot Start of the Year with a Great Read Aloud

Well this is one for the record books. I just survived my first week back at school on inclement weather ALL WEEK due to to extreme triple digit temperatures! What does that mean? The kids got no morning recess time or lunch play time and were inside the classrooms the whole day. Try that on for some fun. Add to that our Back to School Night and I am so ready for my weekend.

I managed to take a picture my Patchwork Apple board I did this week to share with you.
The read aloud lead in to our apple art was the book, Mr. Peabody's Apples, which is one of my first week MUST reads. It has a wonderful moral lesson that teaches about integrity and responsibility, particularly around the idea of spreading false rumors and the consequences that come from it.
Following the reading students used squares of solid and patterned red wrapping paper to decorate the apples. Easy and cute!  I keep this bulletin board up year round as a reminder of the message the book sends.

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  1. I love your bulletin board! I am having a giveaway--a laminator--so stop by!


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