Monday, February 24, 2014

Pupster in the family

Meet Bodie, my dog nephew!
He's my brother's new pup and just meant to be with him.
My brother's elderly dog died about a month ago and I just knew my brother would have to get another companion soon.
One night, mid February he called me and was so excited to have found a beautiful female lab running loose. He couldn't find the owner right away, and was willing and ready to be her new owner, but she was a mom and was obviously still nursing pups. So he posted signs and called local vets to try and find where she belonged.  The next evening, he called again and was happy to have found the owner along with her 9 pups.  The puppies are part lab and bull mastiff so Bodie is going to be a bruiser!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Fun!

Valentine's celebrations are over in my class.
We have a 4 day weekend for Presidents Day so my students got their sugar fixes today.

I'm sharing some snapshots of our fun filled day.

We started off with a team building activity. Each team got mixed up heart puzzle pieces and the goal of each 4 member team was to make a heart with four different colors. When all the hearts were mended and each team member had 4 colors, then each student glued their puzzle down.

My treat for my students was giving them a box of candy hearts, but before they could eat them we did all kinds of math. This included probability, fractional parts, bar graphing and pictographs of the heart colors and determining the area and perimeter of the box.

It was a day of sweet success!

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