Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going Buggy...Litter Bugs

For Earth Day, I read a favorite childhood book called  LitterBugs Come in Every Size to my kiddos.  I make a big deal about sharing with the class that the book I'm actually reading is the same book my mom read to me as a child.  Here's the book.

Here's a read aloud of the book:


Following the read aloud, I tell the class that they will create their own Litter Bugs using trash or items used for recycling.  I have my students do this as an at home project, but it could be adjusted to do within  the classroom.
Here's my sample I shared with the class.  I used newspaper, a Starbuck's sleeve, water caps, juice pouch straws, ribbon and a paper clip.

I must say, It's a Bug's Life. See my student's creations.  Later in class they write a "Buggy Bonanza" story.  Project details are available for purchase at my {TPT store}.             


I display all the bugs in a "Litterbug Lounge"


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