Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taking Care of Earth

Get your kids thinking about trash and being responsible with how they throw it away.
My annual Earth Day unit would not be complete without using the cute and creative Wartville Wizard story. The characters in the story literally get trash "stick ons" for being slobs, until the town wizard teaches them the valuable lesson of caring for our resources.

This Power over Trash writing activity ends my read aloud.
Students think of a consequence for littering and illustrate it...complete with a "stick on"
trash object.

Love it...a not very happy slob's consequence is for trash to stick to their feet so they can't move.

A little pestering to help slobs throw away trash might help here.

Yuck, a trash shower ought to teach everyone a lesson!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ladybug Math Fun

I'm enjoying a beautiful spring Saturday.
Last week I was in the midst of state testing, but I was able to add a sprinkle of learning fun into my afternoons.
We did ladybug math!
I hit two concepts: fractions and symmetry

Students received a certain number of ladybugs spots (I did purposely give odd numbers)
The spots were then placed on the wings symmetrically, if possible.
Then the students wrote a fraction sentence and added the spots together.

The ladybugs were placed on a bulletin board with this learning target poster.
Click to download

If you'd like the math pieces of this lesson you can click {HERE}

Credit for the ladybug pattern I used for my math lesson goes to Janet Rainey.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Edible Landforms and More

Have food = Will Learn

My class does this edible model of landforms every year.
We start with a graham cracker base.
Cover 3/4 with brown icing and 1/4 with blue icing.

Use various food items to represent landforms:

Brown M&M for an island
Blue M&M for a lake
SnowCap candies for mountains
Fudge Graham cookies split into pieces to form a canyon. Then use blue sprinkles to show a river between the canyon
Wafter type cookie for a plateau
Coconut colored green with food coloring for showing the plains

I also mix in some landform videos and songs I've found online

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