Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A for Assessments

Okay everybody come share your bag of tricks for great assessment ideas. A Crucial Week in the Life of a NQT is hosting an Assessment Linky party.

Here are some of my favorites:

Carousel Writing

Create a set of questions related to a topic of study. Write them out on chart paper. These questions will be used as brainstorming sheets for a pre lesson assessment, and then again for a post lesson assessment.  Group students at one of the chart questions and have them discuss and record ideas. Upon a designated signal pass the charts to a new group and continue the same process. Each group will respond and add to all question charts.  The neat part of this is if you do the same questions as a post Carousel Writing you can see growth in ideas.  The samples below were for a science unit on Living Things. The pre lesson Carousel brainstorming was in red and the post lesson was in green.

Stoplight Vocabulary

This idea comes from the book Getting Into Words by Shira Lubliner.

Use this web link printable to color code vocabulary word familiarity in stoplight colors:

Red: If you don't know the word
Yellow: If you have heard the word, but not sure of its meaning
Green: If you know the word and can use it in a sentence

What are some fun ways you assess students?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Place Value Windows

My first unit in math is on place value and I made these place value windows that are just so handy.
I just hang them on my white board and during lessons can easily ask students to help write and represent numbers in the correct place value window.  What do you think about them?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SLANT strategy

Do you need some Hocus, Pocus for some focus in your classroom?
I make use of this SLANT strategy cue card for some of my students that need help with redirection and on task behavior. I tape it to the corner of their desks. All I have to say is, "Show me SLANT" and they know they need to get back on track.  More information about SLANT  can be found {at this link}.  Come share your wisdom by joining Fun in First Grade's Dealing with Difficult Behavior Linky party

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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Key Idea

As I was cleaning and reorganizing my room for the first day of school I ran across my key cup.
Here's a little background. A dear friend and previous classroom aide of mine witnessed on a regular basis my "loss of key moments".  I think she got tired of hearing me say to my kiddos, "Has anyone seen my keys? Help me find them." and made me this cute little ol' key cup.  I am not a lanyard wearing teacher, so this cup has come to my rescue ever since she gave it to me. Yippee, no more lost keys for me, only if I remember to put them in the cup!  Sidenote:  My worst "lost key" episode was when I laid my keys on the table in the staff room and a substitute teacher accidently picked them up and kept them in a pocket thinking they were his!  All day long I was searching everywhere for my keys and asking everyone if they spotted them. I even dug in the staff trash can.  I thank my lucky stars that  I asked the above mentioned sub on his way out for the day about my keys. He pulled them out of his pocket in surprise, and then proceeded to show me his own keys from his backpack that looked almost EXACTLY like mine.  So a word of caution to all of you this school year, watch out for key stealing subs. HA HA!
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