Sunday, December 14, 2014

Harley on the Mend

A few weeks ago I shared that my dog was sporting a hurt paw. Well after a vet visit, it ended being an infected dew claw. Harley is now a week and a half post surgery to clear out the infection. He had both dew claws removed, plus while he was under I chose to get a couple of skin warts removed. The vet tech called during the surgery to ask if I wanted to also have his teeth cleaned so he now has sparkly clean chompers too. His first couple of days post surgery were rough. I ended up sleeping on the floor next to him the first night. Poor guy!

My parents have been watching him during his recovery while I'm at work and he's been a good doggy patient. So much so, that when they went for a brief shopping trip the other day they left him without the cone on. They came back to cotton all over the floor as Harley chewed on the top part of one of his bandages. Harley got scolded and on went the Cone of Shame.

Harley is not a happy camper!

He is back to not wearing the cone, but only when he isn't being supervised.

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