Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sight Word Swat It Games

I'm joining a fun linky by Teacher to the Core.

A great way I've practiced sight words is with my team Swat It games.

Split your class into teams. Display one of my Swat It Sets word cards on your board or under your document camera and let the swatting begin. Call off a sight word and the first student to hit the right word gets a point for their team. What a great way to reinforce mastery of sight words and get some energy out to boot!


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  1. Smart Idea!!!! Do your kids ever play swat with each others' heads? I have a class of BOYS, BOYS, BOYS. They are a little...um..active. But I'm going to try this. It actually might burn off some of their energy! Thank you for linking up with my first liny party. I am so thankful to hear your great ideas and to have found such a great blog. I'm following you now!


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