Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making Multiplication Arrays

I use the very cute book Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies to introduce basic multiplication and arrays.
This book is written in rhyme with whimsical bunny illustrations. For example, one rhyme is as follows:

Count the bunnies at the ball
Rabbit partners short and tall
Now the music comes alive
And 5 x 5 = 25

I follow this story by having students create an array using small objects. Some students have used items like pennies, cereal, buttons, beans, stickers and more.  

Like this idea?  Grab the {array worksheet}.


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  1. I like it! This activity should go well with the new Common Core standards! I am unfamiliar with this book. Another one I'll have to go checkout!


  2. Hi! You just checked out my new blog (ateenytinyteacher) and now I'm YOUR newest follower! Happy blogging! :)


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