Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Favorite Things

I shared that my one little word focus is RELAX so my favorite things are related to that.

 My water fountain helps me relax when I'm  grading papers, lesson planning, or working on my TPT store products.  The constant sound of running water is soothing.

I CANNOT live without my sleep mask. I sleep with it on nightly and it helps me get to sleep quicker and block out light. Even the teeniest of light from my alarm clock or TV can interrupt my sleep. But this mask does the trick. When I go on vacation or on airplanes this is a must have.

I try to take a few minutes several times a week to used guided relaxation from This site has wonderful, quieting nature sounds and music to relax to.

What are some of your favorite things? Go link up over at Teaching Trio.

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  1. What a beautiful water fountain! Did you make it? I felt relaxed just reading your list.
    Tech Crazy Teacher

  2. I have never tried using a sleep mask. I think I would be annoyed with it being tight on my face. Ha. I am a weirdo though. I love too!!

    Funky in Fourth


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