Sunday, April 7, 2013

Edible Landforms and More

Have food = Will Learn

My class does this edible model of landforms every year.
We start with a graham cracker base.
Cover 3/4 with brown icing and 1/4 with blue icing.

Use various food items to represent landforms:

Brown M&M for an island
Blue M&M for a lake
SnowCap candies for mountains
Fudge Graham cookies split into pieces to form a canyon. Then use blue sprinkles to show a river between the canyon
Wafter type cookie for a plateau
Coconut colored green with food coloring for showing the plains

I also mix in some landform videos and songs I've found online

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  1. Love this idea! Saving it to my social studies folder. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for following us! We don't teach Science but I am forwarding this to our Science teacher...she will love it. How fun! Makes me think of other things I can do with food in SS. Thanks!!!

  3. I love the edible landforms! That looks like even more fun than the imaginary land maps we draw. Thanks for the idea; I pinned your project!

    1. Thanks. A little food goes a long way to motivate learning :)


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