Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spending Money on Spring Break

I spent money on Spring Break, and not in the way I wanted.
If I've not shared before, I have a beautiful yard, but it is a 1/2 acre.
1/2 acre = lots of my time maintaining it over Spring Break.

Good thing I have my good buddy, Harley, along to keep me company.
He gets to lounge in the cool mondo grass while I sweat it out with weeding
The start of spending money was on replacing 2 sprinkler valves plus broken sprinkler repair.

Sidenote Harley story:  My parents dogsit Harley at their house while I work when they are in town.
My dad took him on a walk the other day, and 2 loose dogs came charging up to Harley.
Harley gave them a back off warning growl, and that's when the dogfight started.
The 2 boxers had the advantage because Harley was leashed up. My dad was hollering, and went into the middle of the street with the 2 dogs following. A car stopped and tried to help by honking repeatedly to get the dogs away but it continued. Harley came out of the tag team fight with no injuries, but my dad was upset that numerous parents walking their kids to the nearby school did not even mention to him as they passed by that these 2 dogs were laying loose up the way in a driveway.
It would have given him the chance to change paths or avoid the confrontation.


This pretty group of flowers sprouted up as a surprise.
Squirrels must have spread them to my yard.
Not quite sure what kind of flower it is though.

A big chunk of my unexpected Spring Break spending went to cutting down these 3 Queen Palms.
I wouldn't have cut them down except their roots were eventually going to destroy my brick planter. In order to save the planter, they had to go.

Cutting down in process

If yard work weren't enough add in some home maintenance.
My dishwasher has a leaking valve and needs to be repaired. 
Don't you love waiting for repairmen? I have a window of between 12pm and 3pm for it to be fixed.
Who has bets it is at 3 pm?

Hope your break will be more cost effective than mine or at least spent on something more FUN!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I am so happy Harley is okay!

  2. Your yard looks very pretty!

  3. So glad Harley is OK. Your yard is gorgeous! I know it is so much work, but it looks beautiful. The pic of Harley is adorable:)


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