Saturday, November 5, 2011

Veterans Day Valor

Honor and appreciate the sacrifices of all veterans.

This video is an interview of a World War II veteran

In remembrance of my grandfather who was killed in action on Iwo Jima.

Another video about the Tuskegee Airmen

I'm going to have my class write letters of thanks to veterans.
The letter header states

"Your service is the "Heart and Sole" of our country"

Gotta love the boot footprint heart!

Grab a copy of it {HERE}

photo of

The above letter template is part of my Veterans Day Unit

Check out this Gratitude Campaign video too:

For even more Veterans Day lesson ideas check my other blog post {HERE}.


  1. Hey Denise -

    I'm sharing the video of Thank You, Soldier that you shared last week in my Friday post and linking back to you - thanks for the rockin' resource!



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