Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some PE Please

I have a confession to make.  I LOVE teaching PE.  Most teachers either 1.)  Have a PE teacher and don't have to wonder how to fit one more thing onto your teaching plate  or 2.) Try to fit PE into an overloaded schedule, and rarely get to it. I'm in category 2, but I make PE a priority and have such fun creating engaging lessons. My efforts do pay off, because my students show such appreciation for our PE time. I've even had coworkers jokingly ask me how much they could pay me to teach their classes PE.  I spend tons of money at my perfect PE supply spot..... Dollar Tree.

This is only part of my PE shelf. Two more shelves are beyond view. And, believe it or not, I even have some of my PE equipment at home due to fire code regulations at school. It's a good thing I have a huge 3 car garage!  I've organized my shelves at school with Dollar Tree goodies like koosh balls, frisbees, badmitton sets, marbles, Nerf footballs, and chalk.  I admit I've been looked at strangely by the cashier when I buy loads of nonstandard items that I create a PE game for, and quickly have to explain that I'm a teacher.  For instance I bought soft drink coasters in bright colors and have used them for  Grab, Tag, or Sort PE games.  Bath sponges and pool noodles can be used in PE too. For instance I took Pool Noodles, cut them in half, and used them as swatters to hit balloons, play Noodle Tag and much more.  Check out my Spelling Relay post too. If you teach PE, let your creativity soar the next time you step into Dollar Tree. Got a classroom shopping story? Join Ladybug's Teacher Files linky party.


  1. I subbed a couple of days in PE and I really liked it! What a fun job. :) The PE teacher at my school uses pool noodles to play Noodle Tag too - the kids LOVE it!

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  2. Denise,
    I love your enthusiasm for getting the kids moving and doing it in such creative ways. My students have a PE teacher, but I love to take my class outside to the field to do physical activities too. Thanks for sharing. I am totally "lifting" the Pool Noodle idea!

  3. This is fantastic, creativity AND organization! You are very inspiring! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. What AWESOME ideas!! I am going to have to use some of these. I don't have to teach PE but I do like to have plenty of ideas for when a specials class is canceled or my kiddos need a wiggle break!!

    Karen@ a little kinder told me so!

  5. You have such a good attitude. I'm a music teacher and the program was cut in my former district and the teachers FREAKED OUT about having to teach another subject in their already packed schedules. Luckily, they brought music back after funding came through but, for a while there, it was dicey.

    BTW-I'm a new subscriber!

    Have a wonderful evening!


  6. Aww, thanks all. Teaching is a labor of love for me and I truly put my all into it. It's so worth it. I'm touched that I inspire others. That's what sometimes keeps me going on a rough day.


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