Monday, June 20, 2011

Book in a Can

Looking for creative ways to do book reports.  My grade level does this one every year and all you need is a great book and a can. Start collecting those coffee or baby formula cans! After reading their book, students decorate the outside of the can to resemble their favorite character or scene from the book. Then on index cards they write the following information with 4-5 quality sentences. The cards are stored inside the can.

Card #
1. Describe main character
2. Describe the setting
3. Describe the beginning
4. Describe the middle
5. Describe the ending
6. Describe your favorite part
7. Compare and contrast yourself to the character

Students then do presentations of their cans which turn out "Can"didly cute!

Magic Treehouse Pirates Past Noon and Bunnicula

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  1. *love* the pirate boat!!! I added you to my roll =)

  2. Love this idea! I'll be doing this in school this next year for sure!

  3. This is precious!!! I am so going to be doing this activity next year! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I'm always looking for new creative ideas for book reports, I love this idea!
    Thanks, Nancy

    The Apple Basket Teacher

  5. LOVE IT!! I've seen cereal box reports, but I like this even more!!! I'm new to blogging and just discovered you. I'm going to follow. I'd love for you to chcek me out as well!

  6. Love the idea using the can. Kids love new things. I would love to use this with my kids (1st grade)

  7. Another awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Love this idea! It's always great to find a new idea to incorporate. :) Thanks.

  9. What a great idea, I am going to try this with my students this year.


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