Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Workin It Wednesday

I'm joining in on Corinna's Workin It Wednesday.
My goal this summer is to have a regular walking routine.
One week into my summer and I am pleased to stay I've stayed on track.

My exercise routine is nothing special at all.
I just leash up Harley and walk along this bridle path.
2-3 miles is my average walk.

This path is well traveled by others walkers.
But the most unusual spotting on one of my walks was someone walking their pig on a leash.
Harley knew, spot on, that this was no other dog, and was desperately sniffing the air as we came upon Mr. Pig.
Pigs don't walk very fast so we zipped right on by.
I've also seen a gentleman in his rickshaw pulled by a donkey.
My favorite is to see the horses slow galloping along the path (except for the time my sister and I encountered a scared runaway horse and hid behind one of the trees to get out of its path. That was years ago though, so I think I've recovered)

Now, I really have no excuse for NOT walking, as I can view my walking route right from my front window. But sadly during the school year, even with a front row seat, my routine literally goes out the window.

My window view

Here's Harley today post walk. The coolest spot is the tiled entry way so he's chilling there.

And I grabbed a glass of water with lemon

Tomorrow's another day to ....Walk On.

What did you do to Work It Wednesday?
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  1. What a beautiful path! Where do you live? We see pigs here all the time, but wild ones scrounging along the side of the road, lol! Looks like a perfect place to go for a walk. Thank so much for linking up :)

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  2. I'm from southern ca and your walking path looks very familiar to me!!

  3. Love your walking path! Such a beautiful view!



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