Monday, May 20, 2013

Hit the Beach with Relay Learning Fun

Tomorrow is my last day of school and of course my students have summer on their minds already.
So we did the cutest learning relay today from Miss Math Dork, Beach Bum Relay.
I love the versatility of this fun team relay. I used the template provided to program math review questions for each of the ten rounds. Each team task had a question for each team member to correctly solve before having it checked by the teacher. I threw in all kinds of skills we learned this year: long division, decimals, place value, rounding and multi digit multiplication. If the team got all 4 questions right one of the team members was assigned to draw a portion of a beach scene picture. As the rounds progressed, teams ended up being on different rounds based on their team accuracy and time spent on drawing. My class loved it and everyone was engaged. As you can see every teams final beach scene came out uniquely theirs!

Here's a picture of the teams in drawing action

If you'd like to finish your year on a sunny note, be sure to check this lesson out over at Jamie's store

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  1. I'm in love! I love seeing pictures of how your kiddos used the Beach Bum Relay! I love their creations as well! This is awesome!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane


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