Sunday, May 5, 2013

Error Analysis Activity: Building Critical Thinking

My class tackled multi step math problems with a new strategy I put in place called Right  vs Wrong.
The purpose of it is to help student verify the answers given by their classmates which is perfect for error analysis and building critical thinking.

First students work in pairs to solve a problem and show their answers in complete detail.

Then, in pairs students rotate and review fellow classmates work.

I placed a simple Right Wrong chart next to each problem to review.

Students read, reviewed and verified if they thought the answer was right or wrong.
If they thought it was wrong they had to give a reason.

Here it is in action

Reading and verifying

Student is marking the Right Wrong chart with their input

Sample chart when we finished

Reasons are given for why classmates thought a given problem was wrong

My students loved this strategy and it required student engagement and accountability.

I've made new Right vs. Wrong printables you can grab for free at my TPT store if you'd like to try this strategy.

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