Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zoom Around the Room Category Game

This is a must have game in my classroom. Students don't even realize they are learning in this fast paced category game.  Students compete in pairs to name a category answer. The winner gets to race/advance around the room until beat by another opponent. It's a great listening skill game as well.  The 100 + category cards I've made are open ended making this a game to come back to AGAIN and AGAIN. It's perfect as a quick time filler which my students beg for.  I always leave a copy of this game in my sub tub and I don't know how many "Thank You's" I've gotten from appreciative substitutes! Sidenote: I also modify this and use it for transition times like waiting in line. When I do, I just call off a category and call on random students to share their ideas.  Do you have more great transition tips?
                                        You can RACE to grab your copy here.


  1. Looks good! The 'add to cart' button only shows up for your first item...gratitude journal. I hit the refresh button twice... no luck. I'll see if it makes a difference in Internet Explorer. I'm using Google Chrome right now because it is the only way I can leave comments! Next Thursday (1 week before school's out) I'm going to be at training about the new common core standards & the amazing race looked like a great thing to leave!
    Just got it with Internet Explorer along with your word scout set! Thanks, Nancy

  2. Nancy,
    Glad to hear the add to cart buttons worked. They seem to glitch on some browsers. Hope you enjoy The Amazing Race and Book Scout set.


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