Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Bell Still Rings

My class rang in the season with this jingling display.

Do you still believe?
Click and print if you truly do!


  1. Your class did such a fabulous job with their bells, they look beautiful, Denise! Thank you so much for sharing your freebie printable. Hope you have a wonderful end to the week.

    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  2. Love the bells - I always read Polar Express to the kids then take the "dingers" out of little bells from the craft store and we make "soundless" bell necklaces. Then we see if we can "hear" the bell :)

    Out of curiosity - did your kids cut out the blue paper behind their pictures in your display?? My kids struggle HARD CORE with cutting skills and would never have made this display look this pretty! *haha*

  3. Mrs. B
    The blue paper was already cut and the bell was stapled to it as I displayed them on the wall. Otherwise mine would be all crooked too!

  4. Can you tell me how you made the bells?


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