Saturday, May 3, 2014

End of Week News

Well, it's been an eventful week in my teaching world. The Etiwanda Fire started near my school.
We are used to high winds, but in this event such strong winds did not help the fire situation. Several schools in my district were evacuated the day the fire started, and the following day schools were closed.
By the end of the week all was back to normal luckily. My classroom smells smoky and we are on indoor recess, but no damages occurred due to the fire.

My school year is winding down. Only about 2 more weeks left, but they are jam packed with our 3rd grade "I Need a Vacation" performance, Open House, and spelling bee.

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  1. My colleague had to leave early due to the mandatory home evacuations. Luckily, everything was fine at her home. I am glad all is back to normal and I was also quite surprised by the winds. They were so strong and lasted for days, I don't recall anything like it.

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