Friday, July 27, 2012

Teacher's Notebook Back To School Bonanza

Hi all,

Teacher's Notebook has a super exciting event starting July 28th. It's the Back to School Bonanza

Here's more information about how it works:

    Teachers Notebook is sponsoring a campaign to raise $10,000 (or more) from corporate sponsors and parents. All of the contributions to the campaign will be given to educators in the form of gift certificates to purchase the educational resources that they need.
Be sure to sign up to be a member of Teacher's Notebook to benefit from the funds raised.
Only members will be able to enter to win $25 gift cards to go shopping at TN stores starting on August 9th.   Store Giveaways and sales will also be part of this event.
Go sign up now!
Interested in opening your own shop?
You can!

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