Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fraction Hoopla

As I was wrapping up my fraction unit recently, my class just wasn't grasping fractions of a group.
So on a whim, I combined hula hoops and classmates to model fractions of a set.  I made a worksheet called "Fraction Hoopla" and had groups of students model each problem. Then the class recorded and illustrated the answer on their paper.  My students went crazy over this simple, yet effective way to show a math concept.  The picture below is showing   1/5 of 10 equals 2.

Since my class went bonkers over this I wanted to keep the ideas going. I made worksheets for
"Multiplication Hoopla" and "Division Hoopla".  If you want the worksheets for your own class they are available on my {website}.


  1. Great idea to use for fractions! The class loves doing this.

  2. I am totally using this with my class! Thanks!


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